Updating your video card s driver dating one online site

Posted by / 11-Sep-2017 19:05

There’s a notable exception to this rule, of course.If you’re trying to eke out every tiny bit of performance out of your system, you should make sure that your video card drivers are updated using the manufacturer’s drivers, and you probably want to upgrade your chipset, networking, and sound card drivers as well.This includes things like chipset, motherboard, sound card, and the like.There’s also a really good chance that you have some onboard generic video card.You can also update, roll back, disable, or uninstall a driver from this view, which comes in very handy if you upgraded your drivers and introduced a problem.If you are having a problem with a particular device, you can quickly upgrade to a newer version by opening Device Manager, right-clicking on the device, and choosing Update Driver Software.This document describes how to install an updated version of the graphics driver on a computer that runs Windows 8, Windows 7, or Vista.

You’ll be able to see the version information and date on the Driver tab.In Windows 8, if you're in Metro mode, choose Desktop, then open the Search Charm, which is where you type in dxdiag.Updating the graphics driver can resolve display issues in Adobe applications.Whatever you do, don’t use some driver update software when you can manually pick the right drivers easily.Off the Shelf PC If you’re running an off-the-shelf PC or laptop and haven’t reloaded Windows manually, chances are good that most of your drivers are already using the manufacturer’s approved drivers.

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