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However, you can check the operating system on your computer while it is running: To check your version of Windows:64-bit software is coded differently from 32-bit software.

Generally, programs built on and integrated with other software must have the same architecture (for example, 32-bit or 64-bit).

Installing a new version of software should be trivial thing--especially for popular software such as the Adobe Systems' Flash player, which is used by millions of people every day. For one, the Flash player does not play well with the other kids in the sandbox.

Accordingly, Shockwave Player currently runs well on Windows 7 64-bit using any of these 32-bit browsers.

Mac OS comes with Apple's Safari Web browser pre-installed.

For example, you can buy a 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 7 or a 32-bit version, and they’re both called "Windows 7." You need to look at your computer settings (or possibly the box it came in) to find the version your computer uses.

Applications usually say in the application name, such as "Internet Explorer (64-bit)", if the application is a 64-bit version.

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If you can't view content with the Shockwave Player, it could be that your computer is running a 64-bit Web browser on a 64-bit Windows operating system.

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