Updating cell phone reception

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Updating cell phone reception

I spoke to an i Phone technician who had me do a hard and soft reset of my phone. Now I feel I should have just stayed with the 4.0 software.

Have you heard of this happening to other i Phone users?

While this might be useful in some situations, it also means that data is constantly being downloaded onto your phone. When you switched to a new application on the i Phone 3G, you would quit the current application.

And when you weren't using the application, there was no data usage.

You can double click on the home button to help manage your multitasking applications.

She asked why and I told her that the reception is crap both at home and work. The woman I spoke with told me that SIM cards do not "fail" after a certain period of time.

She countered with, "Well, I see that you've had your i Phone since April 2009 so that's just about the time SIM cards start to fail and could be the cause of your poor reception." She then told me that she'd set it up on my account so that I could get a new one for free. But when I told her that I was having reception issues, she told me that there was a tower issue in my area.

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Thanks, Keith Dear Keith, I contacted Schwark Satyavolu, CEO of Bill Shrink, a company that analyzes cell phone bills to help consumers find the right plan to satisfy their needs, to help me answer this question.