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When the series debuted in 2001, television was a substantially less “super” place than it is now with Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Agents of S. maybe…' But I always maintained that's not the show.Thank god Peter Roth [chief executive of Warner Bros.’” recalled Welling, whose benchmark of success is Smallville’s rare feat.“I realized that my excuse to support not wanting to do another television show didn't work for me anymore. I heard myself and I was like, You're a fucking idiot.”Eventually, Welling came around to the idea.“By being on Smallville for 10 years, I was able to make some really fantastic choices with that character, but now I'm drawn to real people trying to live real lives.” And financially speaking, Smallville afforded Welling the ability to be choosy.Eventually, he found exactly what he was looking for in a pair of films: He played a Secret Service agent trying to make sense of JFK’s assassination in 2013’s ensemble drama Parkland, and he leaned on his high school experiences to play a football player in 2014’s Draft Day alongside Kevin Costner and Jennifer Garner.

“Then I was in Vancouver for 10 years.” The reality of carrying a show on his (admittedly inexperienced) shoulders was much more than Welling ever could have anticipated. But what worked on the field, in retrospect, was exactly the wrong way to go about protecting himself on Smallville, Welling realized in retrospect.“I felt like I was basically retired and it sort of woke me up.But it needed to happen.”When Welling emerged from his self-imposed six-month isolation, he had two goals: “I wanted to play a human and I wanted to be a part of a film whose theme was bigger than whatever character I was playing,” he said.Yes, Ryan tries to win Gabby back after she leaves him for Travis, but he’s more interested in her happiness than his ego — and that was one of Welling’s biggest attractions to the character.“I never saw him as a bad guy, because that would be too easy,” he said of Ryan. Like, really hard for her — and I think we did a good job of that.”While Welling has found roles in Hollywood that coincide with his professional desires, thus far those opportunities have only allowed him to act. “I grew up unknowingly looking at guys like [Robert] Redford and [Warren] Beatty — guys who created opportunities for themselves as soon as they could,” he said, which is why he launched Tom Welling Productions toward the end of Smallville’s run.

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