Speed dating flash mob

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Speed dating flash mob

He was disappointed in his quest, but he might have been even more concerned had he known what was aboard SS John Harvey. Knowles, was a typical Liberty ship, scarcely different from the others moored in the harbor.

Much of her cargo was also conventional: munitions, food and equipment. Approximately 100 tons of mustard gas bombs were on board.

When darkness came, Bari’s docks were brilliantly lit so unloading of cargo could continue.

Little thought was given to the need for a blackout.

Cruising at 23,000 feet, his aircraft made a telltale contrail as he streaked across the sky, but Allied anti-aircraft crews took little notice.

Still unmolested, the German pilot made a second pass over the city before turning north toward home.

The Fifteenth’s primary mission was to bomb targets in the Balkans, Italy and especially Germany. Luftwaffe strength was increasing, not decreasing, over Germany.

As 1943 drew to a close, Bari’s medieval torpor and somnolent grace were shaken off by the influx of Allied shipping into its harbor.

The Allies were now on the Continent, slowly inching their way up the Italian peninsula.

Hitler, it was said, was not a great advocate of chemical warfare, perhaps because the Führer himself had been gassed during World War I.

6/12/2006 • World War II On the afternoon of December 2, 1943, 1st Lt.

Werner Hahn piloted his Messerschmitt Me-210 reconnaissance plane over the port of Bari, in southeastern Italy.

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