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In the coming weeks and months, community leaders and elected leaders will discuss solutions to violence, racial tension and lack of opportunities in many of our communities.

Substantive policy conversations will take place regarding support for our police, criminal justice reform, racial reconciliation, mental illness, a seemingly growing culture of violence, and jobs.

But we can’t pass legislation to force racial unity and trust.

Unity and trust must be accomplished in our families, local communities, churches, and families.

If it seems too simple and obvious, let me ask you this question…

have you ever had dinner in your home with a person of another race? Sunday is a slower, yet significant day, for most Americans.

So, we challenge each family to give one Sunday lunch or dinner for building relationships across race, to literally be part of the solution in America.

We must start by realizing that our personal perspectives are different.

We both entered Congress after winning elections in 2010.

We are from two different states, backgrounds, races and cultures, yet we have built real respect by spending time together on a personal level. Many families already intentionally reach out, but some families have yet to take the obvious first step of connecting your family with another family from a different race.

And we also have advocated for providing more educational opportunities for every single child, no matter their background or zip code.

We also are fighting to make sure states and local communities make educational decisions that are best for their communities.

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We have offered policies that will help provide opportunity for Americans who feel left out of the middle-class.

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