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Restart computer not updating settings

So i have tried to restore my computer to factory settings by using the recover manager and the recovery manager requires the laptop to be restarted.

However, the laptop freezes on the restart so i have to shut down the laptop manually and turn it back on.

Just to preface this, everytime i restart my HP Pavillion dv6 laptop, it freezes on the HP logo on the boot up.

This freezing only occurs when i restart, if i manually shut it down and turn it on the boot up progresses normally.

Note: On, sign in, click your name, click Settings, and then select your account (if you have linked more than one).

Fix: Delete files as necessary, or enable Selective Sync.

Fix: If the addresses are different (look carefully for typos), then you have multiple accounts and your devices will not sync.

Follow these steps to link a computer and other devices to your Dropbox. If your files have not synced after restarting, move on to step 6.

You do not need to perform these actions if you reboot the computer, as they will occur automatically in this circumstance.This interferes with the recovery manager and i get an error that recovery manager was not properly able to restore my computer.I have also tried to press F10 on the boot up to enter restore mode.Do your files look different between your computer, tablet, phone, or This step-by-step article will walk you through troubleshooting steps, and will solve the majority of syncing problems. Fixes for sync issues can range from easy to complex, but any solution will require you to take some action.

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If you've verified that both your device and your Dropbox account have enough available space, move on to step 10.

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