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Nfohump not updating

With a similar series of mishaps on the Soviet side: another pull of the trigger. :) i think they had some work to do …the police investigation continues and 3 boxes will be kept confiscated… 3x boxes, 1x kingston 512MB and 18 cdz will be kept by the police until the prosecutor or courts make a ruling on the case… in addittion to penalties the prosecutor wants my 3 boxes for they contained the videos (i will claim bakup purps. videos have obvious political and informational, value is made trivial by the fact that main accused khalid sheikh mohmmaed of comin wtc 911 trials in new york has confessed daniel pearl which is featured in one of the videos, the title of.jihad.snuff.videos is *totally* critical of such executions related to ideo-religious warfare 2.

So we have a choice - do we choose to turn a blind eye or do we choose to get out there and make the case for our British values." Terrorists also use the internet to provoke individuals to carry out attacks in the UK. …resist Kono, Kono 2011, Kono 2012, Kono 2013, catch the Congolese? …oh Yes, maybe a it's too long since …the fact that the society is …more or less democratic …more or less capitalistic …does not guarantee that it is unauthoritarian …and justifying authoritarian fraud'n'force via watorcratic fraud (voting for the big brother competitors) [ Tue Sep 11 EEST 1984 ] "definitions" operates w/ …"SCIENTIFIC PSEUDOEMOTIONAL PROFESSIONALS TRAINED, PAID AND FIRED BY THE GOVERMENT, FOR THE GOVERMENT, FINANCED WITH A PROTECTION RACKET": PROVIDING SERVICES LIKE: "INDOCTRINATION AS PEOPLE'S EDUCATION, QUACKERY AS PEOPLE'S TREATMENT, VIOLENCE AS PEOPLE'S JUSTICE, STATE TERRORISM AS PEOPLE'S SECURITY, WAR AS PEOPLE'S WORLD PEACE WORK." …especially when related to illegal consensual sex selfchosen psychoactives and death by choice w/ or without reason. We are ourselves, private citizens." (4) "Public discussion of NSA's tradecraft, or the tools that support its operations, provide insights that terrorists can and do use to hide their activities.

Not noted by RSF, but also important, is the fact that the UK is also cracking down on legal pornography, forcing Internet users to opt-in with their ISP if they wish to view it and creating a slippery slope toward overblocking.

This is in addition to the government's use of an opaque, shadowy NGO to identify child sexual abuse images, sometimes resulting instead in censorship of legitimate speech." EFF: A Short Guide to the Internet's Biggest Enemies | RSF: United Kingdom: World champion of surveillance, Government Commmunications Headquarters (GCHQ), "They are worse that the U.

One post or video has the power to influence vulnerable people and inspire extremists and terrorists. This would be detrimental to national security." (5) "Those who wish to do us harm now know how we counter their actions; this had done irreversible harm to our nation's security." (6) "From my perspective this is not a political debate, this is a national security issue." (7) "These programs have helped prevent over 50 terrorist events since 9/11, while also carefully protecting civil liberties and privacy of our citizens." (8) "Every time there are disclosures, it makes our job harder." "Technology companies operate in a highly competitive environment.

This is why it is important to tackle online terrorism as well. One man's freedom fighting is another man's terrorism… One man's crusader, templar, mujahideen, jihadist, privateer, ronin, mercenary, all-american-hero, Cobra, raider, suburban guerilla, armchair commando, rapid humanitarian alert reaction airborne holding the line in organizations, including but not limited to military related organizations especial operations artilleryman (dropout of the elite artillery especial stealth forces community, branch: coastal, rank: conscript), resistance operative, saboteur, partisan, peace keeper with UN security council mandate (authorized by resolution #1234.56 or somewhere in that region -100 as interpreted by international peace community [nato-otan pack] expert lawyers) is another man's illegal combatant. Even companies that really want to help must consider the consequences.

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Whenever they are attacked defeat follows; so that in peace you are plundered by them, in war by your enemies." ---the Machiavelli and the MERCS [(FSB_Czar v Putin "the Chuck Norris of Leningrad") (Chinise post-Communist Pyramid 1-Partiet.)] ~post'Communists'. Surely those same companies and their engineers could help American law enforcement officers enforce court orders issued by American judges, pursuant to American rule of law principles…

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