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It's the perfect top to see you through all manner of festive occasions.

Team it with jeans and boots for a casual look or dress it up with a pencil skirt.

In my day, the more daring would leave a rolled blanket beneath the covers of their beds to indicate a slumbering body, then sleep overnight in the men's colleges.

We risked being sent down if discovered - the ultimate shame, of course.

And when I say 'men' and 'girls', I'm not being politically incorrect - we girls came straight from school.

We asked six eminent alumnae from the past 60 years to recall just how much - or how little - life has changed . And there wasn't much drunken debauchery in the bar - for there wasn't a bar, just a dining room where we ate our rationed food.

And even when - for a feast - there was actually alcohol, it was considered a first.

But the chaps - even one I was engaged to for a month or two - had been in the war. The most dramatic episode I recall was when Margaret Anstey, the daughter of a ladies' maid who got to Newnham on scholarships and became the first woman to head a UN delegation, once received a suitor for tea in her room (that was allowed).

There, he asked her to marry him, she refused, he said in that case he never wanted to see her again and made a broken-hearted exit - into her clothes cupboard; it took ten minutes to free him.

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