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See the 2009 version of this story, Rent a car with a debit card?Yes, you can Thought you couldn't get a rental car if you didn't have a credit card?As one rental car agency representative puts it: "It has something to do with the fact that they're giving you a ,000 car, and we need a credit card to back it up." According to the Federal Reserve's 2013 Survey of Consumer Finances, about 70 percent of U. With mortgage foreclosures rising and debt mounting for many American families, a growing number of people may choose to pocket their plastic.Some people may be close to their credit limits and do not want to risk incurring over-the-limit fees charged by credit card issuers."Unfortunately, they were costing us a lot of money.

This example shows how five Avis rental car locations responded to Credit inquiries.

The companies prefer customers use credit cards, however, and impose a variety of additional hurdles and restrictions for those paying with debit cards or cash.

Debit card acceptance For years, major auto rental companies stood by policies to only accept credit cards for their vehicle rentals. However, some families may have reasons to use their credit cards more prudently these days.

"Let's say you're going to your cousin's wedding, and you need to rent a tuxedo.

You can go out and rent one tomorrow, no questions asked.

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So a credit-cardless customer who is turned away by a car rental agent at an airport site may be accepted at another location of the same company. The manager at one rental car agency may agree to relax the requirements to accommodate a frequent customer or if they want to make a sale and the only way to do so is to accept a nontraditional payment method.

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