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The engaged couple even shared a home in Vancouver, Canada. Less than a year later the Canadian singer met and became engaged to his current wife, Argentine actress Luisana Lopilato.Bublé and Lopilato married in March 2011 in Buenos Aires.Blunt also met her current husband a few months after the split.In November 2008, she began dating actor John Krasinski.

The host asked Blunt about the time she spent with Michael Bublé and also about the cheating rumors that surrounded the singer after he and Emily called it quits.Apparently, the singer’s mother absolutely loved Emily and told her son that he needed to marry her.Emily told Stern that she was very fond of her ex’s family and still is to this day.As awkward as it is to bring up a person’s ex, Stern did it anyway when he insisted on talking to Blunt about her long term relationship with Bublé.He told Emily about how he had met Bublé while working on and that he “was shocked at what a bright, funny guy this guy is.” The host continued the awkward ex talk with Blunt when he even went so far as to say that Emily had been “madly in love with Michael Bublé” at the time and that she and Michael were perfect together when they were dating.

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Blunt just laughed at this statement and politely disagreed with the radio host.

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