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Datingtipsformen com

Let's face it, when it comes to meeting the next Mr or Ms Right, we could all do with a little help.

Here are seven things to keep in mind next time you're out on a date.

Pretending to be someone you’re not is just communicating you don’t like who you are, so why would she like you? Once you’ve kissed her for the first time, the entire dynamic changes to a much more relaxed one.

Even if this isn’t obvious at first, eventually she’s going to see you for who you really are, and attraction will die very quickly. Even if you love star wars, politics, or having your butthole tickled when receiving a blow job. There’s no more awkwardness and it adds a significantly more romantic vibe into the mix. If she’s sitting on the fence, a kiss has the potential to make or break it. The last thing you want is someone that see’s you as a maybe instead of a yes or no. Dinner and movie dates are dull, boring and should be avoided like a bubonic plague infected feminist.

Nothing will make you blend in with every other dude out there than picking something dull and uneventful to do on a first date.

To spike her emotions, you’ve got to do something fun/creative/exciting. Doing something you enjoy is naturally going to bring out a lot of happiness in you – and happiness is contagious. It can be as simple as playing board games while having a nighttime picnic or going bowling.

Talking about your ex on a first date and constantly trash talking her will send any girl your dating running for the hills.

It reflects far more on you than it does on your ex.

Sometimes it’s just safer to not talk about your ex at all within the first few dates if you don’t have the ability to talk about it briefly and maturely.

Owning who you are is an incredible sign of confidence and high self-esteem. She is very rarely (if ever) going to make the first move. This was one of the most consistent comments I heard from the women I spoke to.

You can be shy, short, over weight but still be happy with who you are as an individual. She might give some subtle signals but generally us men will miss them… Women love a guy that’s willing to put his balls on the line, be vulnerable and take action on it. Even if she turns you down, you’ve still won points for having the courage to give it a go.

Without getting too Sir Lancelot about things, a little etiquette goes a long way. Maybe open the door as she walks through, or offer your arm as she steps down from the curb – but play it by ear and don’t go too overboard.

Also, make sure you remember her eye colour (trust us on this one) and when you’re comfortable, maybe test the waters by leaning in a little closer as she speaks – if she backs away, well, it’s probably not going well.

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