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There is much convincing evidence to support this possibility (see Further Reading at end of article).Thus, radioactive decay of samarium was faster than that of rubidium, which was faster than that of potassium.The position of the Cardenas Basalt lava flows in the overall succession of rock layers in Grand Canyon can be seen in the generalized geologic “block” diagram of Grand Canyon .

In many cases, we can see that the growth of speleothems stopped during much of the Upper Palaeolithic.

So what is the correct “age” of the Cardenas Basalt lavas? Figure 4 Geologic “block” diagram of Grand Canyon rock layers showing the Cardenas Basalt lava flows in the tilted Precambrian rock sequence and the recent basalt lavas that flowed down the Canyon walls from volcanic cones on the north rim.

In any case, could it be that these radioactive clocks have previously ticked at faster rates than they do today?

a negative hand in a cave in Borneo was dated to 27,000 years by U/Th whereas its C age was only 8–10,000 cal BP; Plagnes et al., 2003).

Due to these two contradictory sources of error, the dates given by the U/Th method may prove to be younger or older, with deviations that are much larger than the standard deviations given by laboratories.

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