Dating for weed smokers

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Dating for weed smokers

He classifies himself as a “recreational to daily” pot smoker.

His new love interest smokes less but “she’s totally cool with that,” said the man, who asked that he be identified only by his given name, Corey, because marijuana use is illegal in his state.

Pot proponents often argue that marijuana is healthier than alcohol and nicotine since it's all natural and supposedly non-addictive. They're amusing at first, but they get old if they're the only funny thing you can talk about.

That doesn't mean they won't suffer a few inconvenient side effects, which include a lower sperm count, a faster aging process, and depression from emotional withdrawal.8. If your guy or gal doesn't know how to have fun or even be funny without weed, you might want to look elsewhere.

“I hated dating on other sites and apps because as soon as the idea of my cannabis consumption came up—date over. is similar to the popular dating app Tinder in that it attempts to match two people based on their preferences and location.

I actually walked out of a date (after paying of course) and said to myself, that’s it,” the company’s CEO Todd Mitchem told the Fast Company blog Co. It also includes filters for levels of cannabis consumption and drug preferences, however.

During college, I dated a self-proclaimed "former pothead." As someone who had never smoked anything, I initially found his old hobby a huge turnoff.

Potheads were like Harold & Kumar, Bob Marley and Willie Nelson: fun, but not someone you could take seriously. In the end, I stopped caring since there was a lot more to him than just his past with pot.

Another man, from Missouri, is dating a woman he met on Lozano’s site.You should not attempt to get high for the first time without an experienced person present.5. Or if he's a jerk, he might sneak you some or make you feel like a total prude for not wanting to smoke up.If he or she can't respect your choices or he makes you feel guilty about them, move on.“It’s suddenly much cooler to come out as a toker,” Moxon said of his site, which he says eliminates awkwardness about smoking.A newer website launched several months ago “aims to connect those with a passion for cannabis,” said Miguel Lozano of Los Angeles, founder of My420with some 6,200 members.

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Larry's go-to website, with nearly 23,000 members, was the brainchild of 28-year-old California entrepreneur and self-described stoner Ryan Moxon of Marin County. West Coast but also includes international smokers and has ballooned since voters in Washington state and Colorado opted to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2012.

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