Chat with frum girls

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Chat with frum girls

Straight Orthodox Jews who are part of the online community have reached out to me for information, including the rabbi who directs Chabad’s Ask the Rabbi.Someone posted about my blog on the Orthodox women’s group Ima Mother.In the past week since The Atlantic's latest issue appeared on newsstands, Anne-Marie Slaughter's article "Why Women Still Can't Have It All" has received more than 1.1 million online views, a thousand comments, and 166,000 Facebook likes.On the morning of June 29, she came online to discuss her story in person with readers.

This rabbi is androgynous, lively, and brilliantly intelligent, one of the best dancers I know, an excellent cook, and a snappy dresser.

The woman said that since the alleged abuse, which she was too afraid to speak out about because of Leifer’s high-standing position in the community, she has suffered depression and became suicidal.

At the time of her arrest in Israel, Australian Jewish News reported the Rabbinic Council of Victoria’s liaison to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Rabbi Yaakov Glasman, said: ‘The RCV applauds the victim(s) for having the courage to come forward to police, and reiterates its longstanding resolution that the prohibition of mesirah [reporting to secular authorities] has absolutely no relevance in cases of the sexual abuse of children.

I started the blog Frum Gay Girl in mid-August 2013, with the hope of creating visibility and a voice for all those who must remain anonymous within the Orthodox world.

The blog is a collection of interviews with LGBT people who live in the Orthodox community.

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Malka Leifer, the 'strict' former principal at Adass Israel School in Melbourne, was named in a negligence and injury lawsuit against the school by a former student who claims Leifer abused her and her two sisters over several years.

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