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Chat sex sls

They are about ten years younger and both attractive.The lady is maybe a little heavier than I prefer, but you learn not everyone is perfect at these parties and adapt your standards accordingly. I suggest going into the bedroom of our suite for refills.We are staying on the party floor in a suite so we will definitely have visitors coming by to check us out.This stuff is not easy sober — time to start boozing. Through chatting with a couple, we meet a new couple.This week, a corporate suit at a hotel kink party with his wife: 44, married, New Jersey. A usual start: Our older kid, the teenager, comes into our room — I guess to make sure we’re alive.The noise and shuffling wakes me up; my wife’s alarm goes off five minutes later. I’m at my desk and about to start checking my SLS (swinglifestyle) account.

So far, nothing explicit — just friendly get-to-know-you stuff with potential swapping when we do meet. The family is all at home for what seems like five minutes, then off to practice: dance, gymnastics, baseball, lacrosse; you name it, we do it. Finally done with the teeth brushing and whining and now we are in bed, my hand on my wife’s thigh.

We see Schoolgirl and Schoolboy and sit by them to chat; there’s no real time for anything else. The Kik couple is coming to our room so we can finally meet. We all have a drink and head downstairs, then separate. She has soft skin; I feel her back under her shirt.

The room clears out until it’s just the four of us. They seem more passionate and a bit slower, as opposed to being into heavy banging. The babysitter’s staying overnight, so there’s no need to rush home. She comes and then we talk about the last two nights of heavy action. I’m at my desk at work and back on SLS, sending the School couple a message. We make the cut most times, but we know that soon enough we’ll be aging out. Jax is still in glow mode from the weekend, but tired too.

Their pics look good, and they’re planning to be at the same party this weekend. I’m back on SLS and sharing some of the more specific weekend plans.

I show her the new pics of Kik couple, who live very close to us.

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There, we show off the toys we brought: a glass dildo and a vibrator.

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