Chamique holdsclaw jennifer lacy dating

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Chamique holdsclaw jennifer lacy dating

Jackson, who runs her own basketball academy with camps nationwide, recently worked with the four-time All-American at a camp near Chattanooga, Tenn.On Tuesday Holdsclaw helped run boys and girls through a variety of drills at the camp outside Nashville before posing for photos with campers and parents afterward.Lacy told police she was Holdsclaw’s ex-girlfriend.Holdsclaw pleaded guilty in June to aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and other charges resulting in three years’ probation and a ,000 fine.“It’s been like a mental prison because it was real uncharacteristic of me,” Holdsclaw said Tuesday while sitting on the floor of the gym at Beech High School after helping host a youth basketball camp with another former Lady Vol, Brittany Jackson.Chamique Holdsclaw: Well, my initial feelings—I was definitely nervous about it.What happened was I had been doing advocacy work at different universities and one of the top writers at the , and he’s reading the story and he’s really like, “Wow, this is great!

Holdsclaw said they realized that while she has signs of depression she really had bipolar 2 disorder with high levels of irritability and impulsiveness, which is challenging to diagnose.“I was angry,” Holdsclaw said.

It would seem to the outside world that she was at the top of her game, but inside, Chamique was struggling with depression and emotional issues she’d been ignoring since she was a kid, and things were about to come to a head.

In the new documentary , Rick Goldsmith tells Chamique’s story, which is one of struggle but ultimately triumph.

Chamique’s family history with mental illness led to her slow acknowledgement of her own issues (she is bipolar), and in 2012, the professional athlete wrote a book, Breaking Through: Beating the Odds Shot after Shot.

But that same year, the media reported on an incident between Chamique and her ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lacy, which resulted in Chamique’s being indicted for shooting at and attacking Jennifer’s car with a baseball bat.

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“I feel like I’ve hurt my family and also the victim’s family, but it’s been a great thing in helping me move forward. I’ve been able to get the right treatment, and it’s really improved my quality of life night and day.”Holdsclaw now takes the antidepressant medication Wellbutrin each morning after it was previously prescribed for night-time use.

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