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Flower Hug Laughing I have been stuck using my phone for chat a lot lately. Every time I would try to maneuver the screen to see who is in chat I would have to be careful not to flip the screen and knock myself out of chat.

I'm getting better at it but it still happens occasionally.

We can all flirt and have fun and enjoy a good conversation without crossing lines and when the lines are crossed the rules need to be enforced and the Mods and assts need to know they have the support of those present to deal with the situation even if it gets to the point of having to kick the member temporarily.

they arent there to be meanies they are there to keep the peace and make chat as much fun as a possible without making people feel uncomfortable.

if i look good in my 2 pick's that i just put on here ok ?

i hope that u all that do see my nude pick's do enjoy them -- so do let me know back if you did and if you are in philly ask me 4 my phone # ok?

We are looking for a down to earth bi female in the Knoxville area.

For security reasons, we now require a simple 30-second registration with e-mail verification prior to entering the chat.We are seeking a tranny to play with together for a future date TBD. or fake does not matter large A or bigger) Feminine Figure/voice Loves to play with couples Fully functional man parts (the bigger the better :-P) Clean and safe.Once again we do not want a cross dresser or transvestite... We want to both suck, fuck and be fucked by a REAL tranny...If you would like to know more, or would just like to chat with us please feel free to contact us.I too agree with Dave it seems there has been a shift in the mindset of the way things seem to go in chat while I think there should be the opportunity for the normal day to day chat as well there is a time and a place for that as well but as long as the conversation doesn't get out of line and cross the lines into cybering or anything else that is against the rules maybe something needs to be re- evaluated or something needs to lighten up a little relax and realize we are all adults who should be able to have boundaries and stay within guidelines all the while being given the opporunity to express ourselves and our own personal interests wants desires in an opne and free environment like chat is supposed to be :) I still also however think B n P run one of the best sites there is !!!

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