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I salute all those walkers, and I know that the scientific research they support is important. Many of these events take place during Autism Awareness Month, presumably because all that raised awareness is supposed to make people even more eager to find a cure.Because autism affects so many children (1 in 68) we hear about many of the discoveries.We hear about what autism is and how it affects children. If you have a teen on the autism spectrum, you probably already know that personal hygiene isn’t high on their list of priorities.Therefore, before each class I wrote a list of activities for that day on the board. Another possibility might be to split the spelling quiz into two parts with 10 words on Tuesday and the rest on Friday. Adjust the time allotted for learning, task completion, or testing.My sense is that every student would benefit from knowing what today's lesson will cover as part of preparing for the day's class. Develop an individualized timeline for the student.In fact, I have found that most accommodations are actually extensions of good teaching practice. For example, an instructor could reduce the number of spelling words that must be learned at a given time.

Because autism is a spectrum disorder, each person has their own unique set of needs in order to live on ... Regular education teachers are especially challenged, if, on top of educating 25-30 regular education children, they are then asked to make these modifications for special education students that suddenly appear in their classroom without much warning or preparation. Regular education and special education teachers alike are often challenged when asked to make changes for the special learners put into their charge.One blogger writing about Down Syndrome summed up my own feelings perfectly.He wrote, "The reason all the T-shirts say 'RACE FOR THE CURE' is that 'RACE FOR THE REASONABLE ACCOMMODATION' doesn't fit neatly on one side of the shirt." Of course, the joke is that no organization would ever hold a "race for the reasonable accommodation." But when it comes to helping autistic people, the reasonable accommodations may be a lot more useful than the cure.

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For those reasons, instead of talking, she uses text-to-speech software on her laptop to communicate.

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